Artist(s): Textural Being


Label: TREP006 | Tiefenrausch

Styles: Techno, Dub Techno, House, Dub House


With their sixth release Tiefenrausch keeps on delivering excellent dubtechno this time by Textural Being from Portland. We enter the EP with an overwhelming deepness in ?Safe Places? and sink right in. With ?Transmission? we walk on the thin line between house and dub. A reminiscence to the classy days of disco music combined with roughness pa= r excellence. ?Descend? back again under the water surface to get drown int= o the dubbyness of this Textural Being. The EP is the first one to come wit= h new Cover artwork. We?d like to thank Cris for his outstanding artwork of Tiefenrausch 1-5 and are looking forward to marvel at the next 5 releases designed by Alex Ketzer. All tracks mastered by SALZ.

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